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monsters and nudes, because why not

I can’t believe I’m forced to read Mangapanda translations.



Someone help?!

What’s wrong with mangapanda translations lol?


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Women don’t love assholes more than they like good guys…

Some women like confidence more than “kindness” (aka a romantic martyr), and many assholes just happen to be more confident. If you’re feeling salty about an unrequited love that you’ve been nurturing, stop nurturing it, move on to someone else who might be interested, and build up your confidence (easier said than done).

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s3xmon3ypow3r asked: Do you sell original sketches and if so where/how would I purchase one?


Most of the sketches I post are digital so there aren’t really originals, but if you’re feeling generous feel free to buy something from my society6 shop!

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Apparently many things “are so important”

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hidingbehindperspective asked: I'm super happy I stumbled across your blog! Great work is all!


Thanks, stay happy!

-Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering what you thought of the creative cloud to get adobe photoshop? I know you can only save work online( hence the word cloud) but could it be worth it to make sophisticated frame by frame animation? I want to make fighting cartoons on youtube. Or maybe full liscense sketchbook pro since it has flipbook option now?


I’ll be honest I don’t know much about animation, but Adobe CC rubs me the wrong way, I’ll be sticking with CS6 until the updates are noteworthy enough to upgrade.

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ghostfromnextdoor asked: Can across you're wonderful drawings and was wondering if you would sketch out a photo of me ... (:


Submit and I’ll do a quick free doodle, or request a commission for something better~

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