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Some idiot who sketches a bunch of butts

If only…

I could draw and play Guild Wars 2 at the same time…It would be easier to plan lazy Sundays

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Besides sharing sketches…

I mostly use tumblr to make myself jealous and want to move to places where certain girls reside…Am I still doing it right?

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And I’m back

long cruise, good times etc

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Now what?

besides smoothies with whipped cream, I got that covered

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My dirty not so secrets

1. I never liked Harry Potter

(I feel like by the time a generation of kids opened their eyes to reading and magical worlds I was already corrupted by things like Akira and other worlds with magic, could never keep my interest)

2. I disliked the Dark Knight Rises

(SPOILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……seriously….Spoiler…stop reading…A bunch of buildup for Bane as Batman’s equal because of his experience in the hole and his overcoming the wall, and then he reveals it was just some little girl he wanted to have sex with instead of him actually doing it…also orphans knowing batman…Talia dying like a muppet…hover tank being the reveal in like 3 scenes…no mention of the clown faced gentlemen that turned Harvey…robot batman leg…catwoman was cool)

3. I’m not a fan of minecraft

(I get the point)

4. I liked the Mass Effect 3 ending for the most part

(SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER….SPOILER…the whole series was set up as A.I. being the enemy, We learn that the Reapers appear not that long after the Geth rebel. It made sense to me that the reapers destroy all advanced¬†civilizations¬†and AI in order to prevent them replicating until they find organics obsolete. (even the prothean mentioned his cycle had a rogue A.I. race before the reapers appeared) Sure we convinced the geth, but what stops the freed geth from creating a sub AI that they can’t control in a few generations. They also leave the young civilizations in order to still leave the potential for life to endlessly continue…monolithic artifacts, A.I. destroying some organic life in order to stop a potential A.I. from destroying ALL organic life…the cinematic was still dumb)

written out of boredom and not really that dirty

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